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How To Prepare For An Open House | BidMyListing

Selling a home? An open house is an essential part of making a home sale a success. Discover these top tips to help you prepare for an open house.

Selling A House After Divorce Agreement | BidMyListing

A divorce often leads to dividing, selling or splitting joint assets. Discover what is involved in selling a house after a divorce agreement.

Tips to Sell Investment Properties | BidMyListing

Selling an investment property can be daunting. Discover this guide to selling a rental home with BidMyListing.

Webinar Recap: Unlock Success in 2023 with Rick Sharga

CJ Patrick Company Founder & CEO Rick Sharga shares housing market data to help real estate agents navigate shifting headwinds in 2023. Discover Rick’s top five housing market insights to chart a course for success.

Buyer's Agent vs Seller's Agent | BidMyListing

Real estate terminology can be confusing. For starters, a buyer's agent vs a seller's agent represent different interests. Keep reading to learn more differences!

BidMyListing Wins 2023 HousingWire Tech100 Real Estate Award

BidMyListing was recently honored as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in real estate by HousingWire. Discover how our Tech100 Real Estate award-winning platform empowers real estate agents and home sellers.

When Does A Seller Get Money After Closing? | BidMyListing

After selling a home, the money goes to the closing agent, but when does the seller receive the money? Discover more with BidMyListing.

How Long Does An Appraisal Take? | BidMyListing

An appraisal is required by the lender to establish the value. Discover how long an appraisal takes with BidMyListing.

Contingent vs Pending: The Difference | BidMyListing

Contingent and pending both indicate the status of a listed house. Discover the difference with BidMyListing.

How Often Do Contingent Offers Fall Through? | BidMyListing

Contingent offers are common, but how often do they fall through? Discover what might make a buyer back out with BidMyListing.

What You Should Know About Hiring A Realtor | BidMyListing

Hiring a realtor is a big decision, follow these simple steps to find the best realtor for you!

Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your 2023 with Josh Altman

BidMyListing founder Josh Altman shares actionable insights to help real estate agents kickstart their most successful year yet. Learn Josh’s top five tips for growing your real estate business in 2023.

How to Prepare a House For a Sale | BidMyListing

A little can go a long way when preparing your home for a sale. Discover these simple steps to ensure you maximize your chances of a successful sale.

Introducing the SmartMatch Premium

Learn more about BidMyListing’s new SmartMatch Premium fee for real estate agents who place winning bids on ready-to-sell home listings.

Listing Agent vs. Selling Agent | BidMyListing

Understand the difference between a listing and a selling agent with BidMyListing.

Who Pays The Buyer’s Agent? | BidMyListing

A seller pays the buyer’s agent fees to incentivise the buyer's agent. Discover more with BidMyListing.

10 Steps on How to Sell Your House

Selling your home can feel overwhelming. BidMyListing breaks down the real estate process into ten simple steps on how to sell your house, from choosing the best agent to closing your sale.

7 Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling | BidMyListing

Wondering what questions to ask your realtor when selling a house? Discover the 7 crucial questions to ask with BidMyListing.

How Home Renovations Can Grow Your Real Estate Business

Homeowners often use home renovations to increase property value. Learn how becoming an expert in home renovations can maximize business as a real estate agent.

BidMyListing is Proud to Join NAHREP

We are thrilled to announce that BidMyListing has joined the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)! NAHREP has been a champion of homeownership for the Hispanic community for years and it’s 40,000 real estate agents are a perfect fit for BidMyListing.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House? | BidMyListing

BidMyListing matches you with top real estate agents who bid on the opportunity to represent the sale of your home. Once you meet your match you work with the agent to sell your home. Learn more about how long it takes to sell your home.

What Not to Fix When Selling a House | BidMyListing

Knowing what to fix and what not to fix when selling your home can be tricky. Discover our 5 unnecessary fixes to avoid making a costly mistake.

Let's move housing forward together

BidMyListing is excited to be heading to Scottsdale, Arizona October 3rd - 5th 2022 for Housing Wire Annual 2022. HousingWire Annual is where the community from across the housing ecosystem comes together to share strategies, drive business, discover new technologies, discuss best practices, and meet industry leaders.

Ready, Set, Grow with BidMyListing at NAR NXT

BidMyListing is attending NAR NXT 2022 to meet with real estate professionals. Learn how to strengthen your listing pipeline and maximize marketing ROI.

See you at CAR REimagine!

The California Association of Realtors (CAR) is hosting its annual conference in Long Beach, California this year and BidMyListing is excited to be an exhibitor!

5 Signs Of a Bad Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is crucial to a successful home sale. Discover realtor red flags so that you can find the best realtor for you.

A Guide to Understanding a Listing Agreement | BidMyListing

A listing agreement is a contractual agreement between a property owner and a real estate broker. Discover more with BidMyListing.

Can You Sell a House With a Mortgage?

A Guide To Selling a House With a Mortgage. While it might feel like having a mortgage is a big obstacle, we’ll give you a complete guide to selling a house with a mortgage to help you get started with your big move.

How Does BidMyListing Work?

Discover how BidMyListing helps homeowners find top local real estate agents quickly, easily, and transparently to represent their home sales.

BidMyListingⓇ Raises $20M in Seed Funding to Scale Their Marketplace for Home Sellers and Real Estate Agents

It’s been a few short months since we launched BidMyListing, a smarter way to sell your home. We have been blown away by the response we are seeing from homeowners looking to connect with real estate agents in their area who are bidding on the opportunity to sell their homes.

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