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The Problem

Let’s be honest: the real estate process is confusing, and finding a real estate agent is hard. In fact, it’s so hard that real estate agents spend $18B annually on marketing to get your business - yet 80% of home sellers work with the first real estate agent they meet.

That’s what we call a lose-lose. Agents waste billions on bombarding home sellers, while home sellers bring minimal information to the negotiation table. There’s no transparency or accountability on either side.

The Solution

We believed there was a better way to do things. So, we built a first-of-it’s-kind marketplace that matches home sellers with top real estate agents who bid on the opportunity to represent their home sale.

At the end of the auction, home sellers review bids and pick the agent best suited to sell their home. The winning agent and home seller meet in person and sign a listing agreement, then the home seller receives the winning bid amount.

The Winners

For agents, it’s like virtual door knocking

For home sellers, it’s like having all the virtual cards on the table.

Everyone wins - and everyone makes smarter decisions about real estate.

If the Altman Brothers-endorsed BidMyListing has its way, agents will be able ot buy business with more confidence than any Zillow Premier account can offer. The company has set up a solution for agents to compete for the listing contract of willing sellers in an auction format."

— inman

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